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Step By Step: Basic Buddhist Meditations
Step By Step: Basic Buddhist Meditations, 9780861716005  

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Step By Step: Basic Buddhist Meditations

Wangchen, Geshe Namgyal
ISBN:   0861716000   List Price:    INR 1,198.37
ISBN-13:   9780861716005       (USD 16.95)
Publisher:   Wisdom Publications   Sale Price:    INR 504.00
Pub. Year:   2009   Discount:    58%
    Pages:    264
    Language:    English
Category:   Religion / Buddhism / Tibetan
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Step by Stepis an easy-to-understand introduction to the meditation methods that have guided people along the path to awakening for millennia. The techniques explained in it are simple, direct, and all-inclusive, and present a time-tested means for counteracting depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and all other forms of mental suffering. Based on the teachings of Tsongkapa, the great Tibetan saint and founder of the Geluk school, the book contains all of the instruction
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More Information: Step By Step: Basic Buddhist Meditations
ISBN: 0861716000
ISBN-13: 9780861716005
Title: Step By Step: Basic Buddhist Meditations
Author: Wangchen, Geshe Namgyal
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Best Price: Step By Step: Basic Buddhist Meditations: 0861716000
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