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A1WebStores Seller Program


You can now not only buy but also sell new and used books on a1webstores.com.

A1WebStores invites booksellers, library suppliers, individuals and Libraries to actively participate in our online marketplace seller program. This is for the first ever time that a major online store in this region is encouraging individuals and non-bookselling professionals to list and sell their New as well as Used books on a1webstores.com along with professional sellers.

Looking to dispose off your old books? No need! List them now on a1webstores.com in the used books section. This will also benefit those buyers who are looking for good books at low prices. You may get a buyer soon for your used books!

It is easy, simple and free to list books. Hundreds of publishers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, library suppliers and also individuals have already signed up with A1WebStores and are selling their books on a1webstores.com.

A1WebStores always focuses on seller and buyer satisfaction all the time. We are as much seller-centric as we are customer-centric.

We invite you to become a seller on A1Marketplace. Reach out to new buyer segments! We have made an effort to create the most seller-centric marketplace and would like you to try it.

To begin right away, click and "Start Selling".

Who we are?

A1WebStores been selling books online since 1995 in the US and other international markets. We have served over 4 million customers worldwide and understand the needs of the buyers as well as sellers. We understand that selling books online is a tough business, so we developed a marketplace that makes it easier to sell. Since launching A1Marketplace in October, 2004, we have received an overwhelming response and boast of more than 4,000 sellers and the list is growing. We continuously strive to develop the most seller-centric site available and make selling exciting and great fun too!

Your experience with A1WebStores will be no different. Come, join this revolution and start selling your books on a1webstores.com. We look forward to starting a long term partnership with you.

Is it easy to join and start selling books on a1webstores.com?

It is the simplest and easiest. Sign in as A1WebStores marketplace seller. The username and password generated would be the key to your seller account on a1webstores.com. You can immediately start listing your books using you seller account interface. You could list books one by one or bulk upload using the MS-Excel upload file format.

Who sets the selling price and other costs?

You of course! You, as A1WebStores marketplace seller, will set the selling price of the books you list, define the condition of the book (New, Like New or Used), put more on the condition of the book in the comments field, set average per book shipping cost and shipping time. Your selling price should be very competitive so that the buyers are prompted to buy the book from you instantly. This is it, you are done!

What are the charges / fees for listing the books?

It is absolutely free to create your seller account and list books on a1webstores.com.

Like what you see but want to know more?

Check out our carefully compiled Help section to find answers to your questions. If we missed out anything do not hesitate to visit our support page.

What sellers are saying?

I could not believe that I could sell my old books. Account creation is so easy asking you just your name contact details and nothing more. This is an amazing facility for book buyers like me to buy, read and then sell back to buy new books. This is really amazing!"

"It has been a great experience to be listed on A1Marketplace. They have provided us with a venue to sell our textbooks in a very cost-effective way. We have had great results and received excellent attention from the A1WebStores staff. Their seller support system is second to none. We are very pleased with the sales they have generated for us and look forward to an ongoing successful relationship."---textbooksforless

"I just want to say, Great job!!! This has been the simplest, most effective and informative seller service I've listed with. I love your file upload process. Quick and to the point. You are the only one to actually display the total cost of all books loaded. What a great feature. I hope you grow and I'm looking forward to selling with you. I also LOVE the fact that you pay us via PayPal.---brodysbooks

Ready to begin?

Signing up on A1Marketplace is easy.

To start selling click and "Start Selling".