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Reasons For Action
Reasons For Action, 9780792357001  

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Reasons For Action

ISBN:   0792357000   Sale Price:    INR 14,865.00
ISBN-13:   9780792357001   Pages:    220
Publisher:   Kluwer Academic Publishers Group   Language:    English
Binding:   Hardcover      
Pub. Year:   1999      
Category:   Philosophy / Ethics & Moral Philosophy
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What, ultimately, is there good reason to do? Proposing a unified theory of agent-dependent reasons and agent-independent reasons, this work holds that principles which assign reasons to agents are valid only if they make maximally good sense in the light of relevant data and background theories.

More Information: Reasons For Action
ISBN: 0792357000
ISBN-13: 9780792357001
Title: Reasons For Action
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