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Oxidants And Antioxidants
Oxidants And Antioxidants, 9780121822002  

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Oxidants And Antioxidants

ISBN:   0121822001   List Price:    INR 10,084.96
ISBN-13:   9780121822002       (GBP 99.95)
Publisher:   Elsevier Science & Technology   Pages:    540
Binding:   Hardcover   Weight:    1.0 Pounds
Pub. Year:   1998   Language:    English
Category:   Medical / Biochemistry
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Major topics covered in this work include: total antioxidant activity; vitamin C; polyphenols and flavanoids; thiols; vitamin E and coenzyme q10; and carotenoids and retinoids.

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More Information: Oxidants And Antioxidants
ISBN: 0121822001
ISBN-13: 9780121822002
Title: Oxidants And Antioxidants
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