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A Man Worth Loving
A Man Worth Loving, 9780373716005  

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A Man Worth Loving

Van Meter, Kimberly
ISBN:   0373716001   List Price:    INR 388.85
ISBN-13:   9780373716005       (USD 5.50)
Publisher:   Harlequin   Pages:    256
Pub. Year:   2009   Weight:    0.3 Kilograms
    Language:    English
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Aubrey Rose can't stand Sammy Halvorsen when they first meet. It's only because she's a sucker for a sweet baby that she agrees to be a nanny to his infant son. She gets that Sammy's in pain, but he's so busy burying his sorrow he's forgotten to be a father.

As she comes to know Sammy, however, she starts to fall for him. So how can she make him see that his child needs him? And when he does, will he still need her, too?There was a time when some might ve said that Sammy Halvorsen lived a

Those days ended exactly six months, sixteen days and four hours ago.

Dragging a hand across the scruff of his cheeks to wipe at his mouth, he struggled to a sitting position on the sofa just in time to hear his front door opening. He groaned silently. He'd forgotten—or maybe he'd just blocked it out of his mind—that his mother was coming with a friend to discuss something he had no interest in discussing.

"Samuel?" His mother's sharp query clanged in his head and set off a riot of pain that would gain no sympathy from Mary Halvorsen simply for the reasons he was hurting. Tying one on didn't rate on Mary's Sympathy-O-Meter; neither did anything Sammy was doing these days. And Sammy didn't have the energy to argue the fact with her.

"In here," he answered with a scratch in his throat. He cleared it and tried again. "In the living room, Ma."

She appeared in the doorway and the smile on her face froze when she took in his appearance. Deep disappointment or anger—he wasn't really sure but neither boded well for him—flashed in her expression, but he was too hungover to try and charm his way back into her good graces. Everything these days took too much effort. Instead, he ran a hand through his hair and then gestured to the sofa. "Can I get you some coffee or something?" he asked, pulling himself up to walk with an unsteady gait to the small kitchen.

"Coffee would be fine, Samuel," Mary said.

Sammy swayed when he reached for the dark roast blend, grimacing as the world tilted on its axis and he nearly lost whatever was souring his stomach. That would not go over well, he thought with dark humor. "Anything for your friend?" he asked, once he'd finally noticed the petite blonde standing beside his mother.

The woman shook her head and, following Mary's lead, gingerly took a seat on the sofa where previously Sammy had crashed for the night, too drunk to even make it down the short hallway to his bed.

Sammy could hear murmured conversation between the two as he filled the coffeemaker and set it to brew. He wondered why he'd agreed to this meeting. Right now he was just wishing they'd go away so he could return to that blissful sleep of the inebriated. But, as he returned with two full mugs, one for his mom and one for himself, he knew the chances of that happening were slim to none.

This was an intervention Mary Halvorsen-style, and it would take more than his discomfort to sway her from her mission.

"Maybe we should come back another time," the woman suggested, as if reading Sammy's mind. He lifted his mug to her and cracked a grin but it must've come out looking more like a grimace, for she didn't respond favorably. "You don't seem… well."

"He's hungover," Mary said before Sammy could answer, and he frowned. "Too bad for him, I say. I didn't rearrange my schedule to accommodate this meeting just to reschedule because my son doesn't have a lick of sense in his fool head these days." She speared Sammy with a short look as she asked pointedly, "Where's Ian?"

At the mention of his son's name, Sammy took another bracing sip of his coffee and zeroed in on a dust bunny on the floor. "With Annabelle and Dean. I forgot about  more >>

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More Information: A Man Worth Loving
ISBN: 0373716001
ISBN-13: 9780373716005
Title: A Man Worth Loving
Author: Van Meter, Kimberly
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