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Get Noticed Get Promoted
Get Noticed Get Promoted, 9788191046816  

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Get Noticed Get Promoted

Ajay Wahi
ISBN:   8191046814   List Price:    INR 399.00
ISBN-13:   9788191046816   Sale Price:    INR 359.10
Publisher:   Management Treasures Group   Discount:    10%
Binding:   Paperback   Pages:    150
Dimension:   210.0 x 140.0 x 10.0 Millimeters   Weight:    0.3 Kilograms
Pub. Year:   2011   Language:    English
Category:   Business & Economics / Mentoring
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About the Book:

Ajay Wahi began his career with a bluechip software corporate called NIIT in 1985. His first job was in Sales and Product Management. He moved on to International Marketing across the USA and Asia. Subsequently, he gained considerable technical experience in the Systems Integration division, where his mandate was to build high value, long term business relationships with top Indian corporates.

With an intensive 360°

At present, Ajay heads FastBooking India which is an Indian subsidiary of a French IT company. Unlike at the earlier enterprises, where he had legacies to counter, here he had the wonderful opportunity to build a company from scratch. He was responsible for everything: Recruiting his leadership team and other employees; Visioning and Strategizing for the future; Finalizing roles and goals at all levels; Evolving policies to create a motivated staff and a vibrant company; Putting in place internationally acclaimed processes; Analyzing and brainstorming to increase employee productivity through a mix of automation, training etc.

At each company where he has worked as CEO, Ajay has brilliantly demonstrated his ability to create success with fewer people than he actually required. He has developed and retained a productive, proactive and energized team, enabling large benefits to be shared amongst relatively few people.

All this was possible just because Ajay was always identifying the best and star employees and tasking them with senior and challenging roles. In the process, he created success for both the performers and the company itself. It is these learnings he is sharing in this book. Ajay lives in Delhi with his wife Monica, a finance professional, and their two children, Varun and Vanshika.

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About The Book


Having worked for the last two and a half decades and that too in different roles and capacities, I had the unique privilege of interacting with employees and staff across all levels.

The interactions were of all types: brainstorming with them, guiding them, cracking cases with them, appraising them etc. And after every interaction, my mind would always try to figure out that of all the employees I interacted with today, who were the ones who exhibited something different, something positive, something energetic, something out-of-the-box etc.,/p>

Being a CEO, it was natural to find out the star employees as the company would grow only if I could identify the BEST/BETTER of the so many employees I have. Identify them and then task them with senior and /or challenging opportunities. They would grow and that would be there WIN. My company would go thus grow too and that's my WIN.

The experience I have thus gathered over the years in observing thousands of employees and then choosing the better from the lot is what I now wanted to share with everyone. Both the employer and employee. While it's really the duty of the employee to exhibit to the management how they stand out compared to others, at the same time, the employers could also share the learnings from this book so that each of their employee stands out. And if so many stand out, well, that's the winning and competitive advantage for the company!

So, dear employee, read this book, implement the thoughts, start to look different from the crowd. The faster you look different, the faster you would get noticed and thus get promoted!

Good luck and catch me at for any guidance and advise you may need.

Ajay Wahi

April, 2011

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More Information: Get Noticed Get Promoted
ISBN: 8191046814
ISBN-13: 9788191046816
Title: Get Noticed Get Promoted
Author: Ajay Wahi
Related Tags: Buy Now: Get Noticed Get Promoted: 8191046814
Best Price: Get Noticed Get Promoted: 8191046814
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