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Financial Planning For Doctors
Financial Planning For Doctors, A100003217  

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Financial Planning For Doctors

By - Amar Pandit
ISBN:   A100003217   List Price:    INR 499.00
Publisher:   Network 18 Bestsellers   Sale Price:    INR 399.20
    Discount:    20%
    Language:    English
Category:   Medical
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India doctors are top notch nut sometimes it is this very quality of being knowledgeable and intelligent in medicine and general affais that makes doctors commit a lot of financial mistake. It normally takes a personal financial disaster, introspection or peer feedback that makes a doctor realize that he needs help.

Doctors generally take a rudimentary or a product centric appproach when it comes to making prodent choices about money. Very rarely does a doctor take a holistic view of more >>

More Information: Financial Planning For Doctors
ISBN: A100003217
Title: Financial Planning For Doctors
Author: By - Amar Pandit
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Best Price: Financial Planning For Doctors: A100003217
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