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The Education Of Annie
The Education Of Annie, 9780971761001  

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The Education Of Annie

Angie Cameron
ISBN:   0971761000   List Price:    INR 2,046.77
ISBN-13:   9780971761001       (USD 28.95)
Publisher:   Am&k Publishing   Pages:    356
Binding:   Hardcover   Weight:    1.7 Pounds
Dimension:   9.4 x 6.4 x 1.1 Inches   Language:    English
Pub. Year:   2002      
Category:   Fiction
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Annie is the only person in her large family to graduate from high school. She dreams of making something of herself and living in the mountains of Colorado, but she's stuck in Soso, Mississippi, working menial jobs to put herself through junior college. At age twenty-three, she musters the courage and financial support to move away from home to attend the university. It's just thirty miles from Soso, but a universe away, to Annie.

At college, Annie experiences her first date, first love,

Annie's parents have no concept of the demands of college, and they're too wrapped up in their own problems to care. They keep pulling at her emotions, and Annie finds herself going home on weekends to clean and listen to their troubles while trying to cope with her classes and jobs.

"Home" is a filthy roach-infested rental house. The family's been evicted from countless others like it. Mama and Annie have to share a bed. There's hardly any food. Annie is too ashamed to bring anyone home.

The main reason they live this way is Daddy. He's a self-ordained preacher, a Jimmy Swaggart wannabe. Yet he lusts for women, eats like a pig, and rarely works a steady job. His only real occupation is watching TV and griping back at the newscasters.

Mama says she hates sex, although she bore five girls and miscarried many more. Though she resents Daddy's laziness and cusses the living daylights out of him, she won't leave him. She works at a curb store so that the family can have health insurance and food. She has to guard her wallet so Daddy won't steal what little she earns.

When Annie falls in love with Thomas, the clash between her college lifestyle and home life grows to a crisis. Annie's lies catch up with her and eventually lead to more heartache.

The Education of Annie shows the journey Annie takes toward self-acceptance and independence. The subject matter and settings would seem dismal, except that the story is interwoven with threads of love and humor, and presents an array of memorable characters.  more >>

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More Information: The Education Of Annie
ISBN: 0971761000
ISBN-13: 9780971761001
Title: The Education Of Annie
Author: Angie Cameron
Related Tags: Buy Now: The Education Of Annie: 0971761000
Best Price: The Education Of Annie: 0971761000
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