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Dust Devils (western Literature Series)
Dust Devils (western Literature Series), 9780874173000  

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Dust Devils (western Literature Series)

Robert Laxalt
ISBN:   0874173000   List Price:    INR 1,131.20
ISBN-13:   9780874173000       (USD 16.00)
Publisher:   University of Nevada Press   Sale Price:    INR 588.00
Binding:   Paperback   Discount:    48%
Pub. Year:   1997   Pages:    102
    Weight:    0.3 Pounds
    Language:    English
Category:   Fiction / Literary
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The rugged mountains and deserts of Eastern California and Northern Nevada in the early years of this century are the setting of this moving coming-of-age novella. Ira Hamilton, the teen-age son of rugged Indian-hating rancher John D. Hamilton, wins the bronc-riding competition at a local rodeo and comes away with a special prize: a beautiful, pure-blooded Arabian colt. But the horse is soon stolen by Hawkeye, a notorious local rustler.

Accompanied by Cricket, a young Paiute who has been

Robert Laxalt's stories of Nevada have been acclaimed around the world. This vivid new tale will thrill readers with its authentic depiction of Nevada's lonely back country, its hardy ranchers, and its wise and colorful native peoples. Ira Hamilton's adventure shows us the last days of the Old West, when cowboys, sheepmen, and Indians still struggled to survive and overcome their long-standing animosities, and violent men rode boldly and unhindered across the harsh landscape. Readers will not soon forget Ira Hamilton's precarious path to manhood or Laxalt's haunting descriptions of Nevada's beautiful, treacherous deserts and mountain ranges.  more >>

More Information: Dust Devils (western Literature Series)
ISBN: 0874173000
ISBN-13: 9780874173000
Title: Dust Devils (western Literature Series)
Author: Robert Laxalt
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