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Depression For Dummies
Depression For Dummies, 9780764539008  

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Depression For Dummies

Laura L. Ph.D. Smith, Charles H. Ph.D. Elliott
ISBN:   0764539000   List Price:    INR 1,555.40
ISBN-13:   9780764539008       (USD 22.00)
Publisher:   For Dummies   Pages:    384
Binding:   Paperback   Weight:    1.3 Pounds
Pub. Year:   2003   Language:    English
Category:   Self-Help / Depression
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"What do you have to be depressed about?" Bet you've heard that one before. Or how about, "You're depressed? Just get over it!" Easier said than done, right? Or here's a favorite, "They have a pill for that now, you know."

Unfortunately, such naïve armchair psychology rarely works for someone suffering from the very real plight of depression. All it does is seek to trivialize depression and characterize depressed people as "whiners" who have nothing better to do than to "complain

So why Depression For Dummies, when there's already a glut of self-help books on the market peddling so-called cures and remedies for depression? Because this book satisfies the need for a straight-talking, no-nonsense resource on depression. The only agenda of Depression For Dummies is to present you with the facts on depression and explain the options for dealing with it. Rest assured, this is no infomercial in a yellow and black cover.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in Depression For Dummies:

  • Demystifying the types of depression
  • Discovering what goes on in the body of a depressed person
  • Detecting and diagnosing depression
  • Seeking help through therapy and medication
  • Modifying depressed behavior and solving life's headaches
  • Dealing with depression resulting from grief and relationship issues
  • Cutting through the hype of alternative treatments for depression
  • Moving beyond depression: Avoiding relapses and pursuing a happy life
  • Top Ten lists on getting rid of a your bad mood and helping your kids and other family members out of depression

So, whatever your level of depression – whether you suffer from occasional bouts or you find yourself seriously debilitated by depression – Depression For Dummies can give you the insight and tools you need to once again find enjoyment and happiness in life. All it takes is one step.  more >>

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More Information: Depression For Dummies
ISBN: 0764539000
ISBN-13: 9780764539008
Title: Depression For Dummies
Author: Laura L. Ph.D. Smith, Charles H. Ph.D. Elliott
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Best Price: Depression For Dummies: 0764539000
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