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Basic Instinct: The Genesis Of Behavior
Basic Instinct: The Genesis Of Behavior, 9781560259008  

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Basic Instinct: The Genesis Of Behavior

Mark S. Blumberg
ISBN:   1560259000   List Price:    INR 1,198.37
ISBN-13:   9781560259008       (USD 16.95)
Publisher:   Thunder's Mouth Press   Pages:    224
Binding:   Paperback   Weight:    0.7 Pounds
Dimension:   8.0 x 5.3 x 0.8 Inches   Language:    English
Pub. Year:   2006      
Category:   Science / Life Sciences / Evolution
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A panicked mother runs through highway traffic to save her wandering child. A green turtle swims hundreds of miles to return to the beach on which it was hatched. Your child utters her first word. Have you ever wondered what causes you to react in a certain way to a certain situation, and if you would react differently under different circumstances?

From Charles Darwin to Malcolm Gladwell, writers and scientists have been fascinated by what prompts us to snap decisions. In Basic neuroscientist Mark Blumberg provides readers with a logical perspective that does not rely on the clich├ęd explanations that have become so prevalent among scientists and laypeople alike. Blumberg delves into the debate between the nativists and evolutionary psychologists, who believe we are born with an instinctive knowledge about the world, and the epigeneticists, who believe that instincts are built anew in each of us, generation after generation. The result is an entertaining and balanced examination of the role of genes, experience, and evolution in the construction of behavior.
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More Information: Basic Instinct: The Genesis Of Behavior
ISBN: 1560259000
ISBN-13: 9781560259008
Title: Basic Instinct: The Genesis Of Behavior
Author: Mark S. Blumberg
Related Tags: Buy Now: Basic Instinct: The Genesis Of Behavior: 1560259000
Best Price: Basic Instinct: The Genesis Of Behavior: 1560259000
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